Introduction to my blog

I have decided to write a few blogs about the Montessori teaching and theory. I have applied many of what she suggested and what seemed possible at that time for the birth of Hugo, my son born in 2018. I spent hours reading many books and understand and made choices for what would work best for us. 

Sometimes, for some uncontrolled circumstances you cannot follow the Montessori methodology at 100% but personally I chose not to do it so because there are others ideas out there but also you have your own share to bring to it. Your beliefs, your culture and so many other things.

Anyway in this website I have tried to gather what seemed to be important in the Montessori concept and some of my own.

Customer service and flexibility is important to me. I come from a hospitality background and worked in many high end luxury hotels around the world, Mauritius, Maldives, France. My objective is not just to provide the products but also the service and build a long term relationship.

All our products guarantee a high quality and some unique products.

Hope you like the selection made for you and the blogs!

Thank you

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